Laurance Wieder was born in New York City in 1946, grew up on Long Island, and earned degrees from Columbia and Cornell University. Wieder’s poetry books include The Last Century: New and Selected PoemsDuke, the Poems as told to Laurance Wieder; and Words to God’s Music: A New Book of Psalms. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.









Andrea Korotky, 2015

About herself, artist Andrea Korotky writes: “I was born in NYC and grew up in the Jacob Riis housing projects. Expert skater and good with rope. Several years at boarding school in the 60’s provided a different education, and excellent manners. When I met Larry, I started walking on air. When our daughter, Aiah, was born, the air walking continued. Now that I am getting old, I plan to keep up the good work!





PoemSite: Songs in the Landscape

A selection from nine years of Wieder’s poems from PoemSite, a street-side gallery the author and his wife, Andrea Korotky, ran in front of their home in Char­lottesville, Virginia. The project grew out of the belief that people need poetry as a part of everyday life, and that songs have their place in the landscape.

The gallery consisted of two parts. The first was a hand-lettered poem on a salvaged window. The second ele­ment was a typeset, printed take-home poem housed in a plastic “info tube” traditionally used by local real es­tate agents to advertise property for sale. A sign on the tube announced the title of the handout, and urged passers-by to “Take a poem home.” Out-of-town subscrib­ers  were emailed a photograph of the window and a pdf of the typeset page whenever a poem changed on site. Over 9 years, Poem­Site exhibited 54 hand-lettered win­dows and 108 poems printed on paper.

Order PoemSite: Songs in the Landscape today!



PoemSite: Songs in the Landscape  
(Omerta, 2015)  33 pages, including 9 full-color photos






Perek Shirah

An ancient Hebrew poem of indeterminate origin, the Perek Shirah (A Chapter of Song) places a biblical or rabbinic passage in the mouth of each of the 84 parts of creation, as recounted in Genesis. It begins with heaven, and ends with dogs.

Some commentators think King David wrote the poem. One states that immersion in the Perek Shirah delivers the student from the Evil Impulse, and prolongs life. Another promises that anyone who recites A Chapter of Song in this world will sing it with Moses in the World to Come.

Order the Perek Shirah today! “Read this version of the Perek Shirah aloud,” says Wieder. “It was meant to move quickly, and it should cheer one up.”



Perek Shirah  
A Chapter of Song
(Omerta, 2013) 16 pages




Here’s an excerpt from Laurance Wieder’s A Chapter of Song:

	Every human offense takes the name of an animal.
	This is it: like your innocence, howling and lurking.

The Fox yips:
	Were I a man, I would not act like a fox.

Hounds bay:
	Come! Follow! Come follow!

The Cat spits:
	Climb the high rafters and nest by the roof beam,
	I will scratch you down.
The Mouse sniffs:
	I am small, but the enemy still has not caught me.
The Cat growls:
	Got you now, in my paws, as my plaything.
The Mouse allows:
	There’s some justice in that.

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