DSCF5588_2Julie Rogers began reading her poems in San Francisco in the late 1970s. Since her work was first anthologized in 1980, she’s authored six chapbooks of poetry and a Buddhist hospice manual, Instructions for the Transitional State (Vimala 2007). In 2012, House Of The Unexpected, a selection of Rogers’ poetry spanning 30 years, was published by Wild Ocean Press.

In 2010, Rogers returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after three decades of living in rural Oregon and California. She teaches creative writing privately, leads a Buddhist practice group, and performs her work at literary events.

Street Warp both embraces and recoils from the places and people of the San Francisco meganexus. The poems are concrete in time and place, startling in their honesty, at once tender and hard-edged, and refreshing in their wise ironies.



Street Warp

(Omerta Publications 2013), 24 pages



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