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Bruce F. Kawin was born in Los Angeles in 1945. He received an AB from Columbia and an MFA and PhD from Cornell. He taught English and Film at the University of Colo­rado at Boulder from 1975 to 2015, special­izing in modern British and American litera­ture and in film history. Before that he taught at Wells College, UC Riverside, the American Film In­stitute, and UC Santa Cruz.  His re­cent books Horror and the Horror Film and Se­lected Film Essays and Interviews are available from Anthem Press and his recent book of poems, Love If We Can Stand It (2012), from Thames River Press.  His other books include Telling It Again and Again, Mindscreen, The Mind of the Novel, Faulkner’s MGM Screenplays, and How Movies Work.  The poems in Starting Over were begun in 2003 and completed in 2014.






Bruce Kawin’s Starting Over is a suite of romantic poems remarkable for their sharply-drawn moments, precise emotional observations, and unabashed sincerity. (See one of the poems below.) Order Starting Over today!

Starting Over

(Omerta 2015) 21 pages $13


From Starting Over:

facing the frost
the beetlekill and river

we open the heart
and seal the lock

as the great machines do
when they link and clasp

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