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Omerta has published Les Gottesman’s chapbooks since 2006, and in 2012 began adding new authors to the catalog. The chapbooks are designed, printed, and bound by Les; he has touched every page of every copy! Buy books online using credit card or PayPal. Price includes first class postage to US destinations, and applicable taxes. For other shipping arrangements or international orders, email

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your shipping address when ordering; PayPal no longer provides this!


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David Anderson

Bill Berkson

William Crossman—NEW in 2018

Donna de la Perrière

Diane di Prima

Sharon Doubiago

Herbert Gold

Les Gottesman

Jack Hirschman

Bruce F. Kawin

Joanne Kyger

Genny Lim

Jidi Majia

David Meltzer

Denise Newman

Erik Noonan

Nachman Obzinger

Julie Rogers

Judith Roitman

Jodi A. Sanchez

Ellen Teicher

Laurance Wieder

Bill Zavatsky


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