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August 20, 2014


Beg forgiveness for having neglected this site for almost five months. Here’s a new poem.



Crater of a landscape you
the wretched escape and pause
immediately, check your pulse

and fundamentals
between the legs.
Maria Callas sobs

over shoelaces, toothpaste, and
condoms too piteous to manufacture.
She shivers in furs

while the war paints a wheel
chair for Ezra Pound.
Heimlich! Heimlich!

And it takes years to dry.


March 28, 2014


New from Omerta Publications

Beginning: The Immigration Poems, 1924-1926, of Nachman Obzinger

Translated from Yiddish by Benjamin Weiner
Edited by Hilton Obenzinger



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February 19, 2014


Just published by Omerta: Arthur Rimbaud in a new translation.



Rimbaud 10 Poems

Translated from the

French by Bill Zavatsky

See more info (and a poem from the book)

and buy your copy at the Bookstore


 February 18, 2014


David Meltzer provides his schedule of readings and activities, February-April,

on his page at the Bookstore.



 February 1, 2014

diane-289x300Please donate to the campaign  that is raising money for Diane di Prima’s fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Go to POETESS WITH PARKINSON’S, a campaign on the Give Forward website. Let’s help Diane collect greatly needed funds!








  January 31, 2014






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 January 30, 2014: Poem by Les


Night Hawks

Once immortality equaled
being on the guest list
and immaculate phobias had
their own lascivious cubism.

Let’s, we said, syndicalize
our irritation, yours with
mine, in 1984.

And I slept.

And Sophocles in a dream
was ghostwriting
thermonuclear daybreak
on Columbus Avenue.



January 5, 2014


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writers are doing in 2014.



December 26, 2013


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December 24, 2013


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May 10, 2013


3 new chapbooks now available from Omerta Publications!

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Haiku d'Etat cover version 2




April 10, 2013


Bruce F. Kawin comments on

Misuses of Poetry and Other Poems 

at The Best American Poetry blogspot. 



March 11, 2013


Tebot Bach announces the

Clockwise Chapbook Competition 2012

winner: The Cases by Les Gottesman,

coming soon. http://tebotbach.org/



March 10, 2013


Shut up and buy a chapbook

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Look for new chapbooks and new authors in the coming months.




February 10, 2013


Finishing Line Press

announces a chapbook

Misuses of Poetry and Other Poems

by Les Gottesman.

23 pages $14. Available now at


or click on the Bookstore at the top of this page.


And now available at amazon.com.




Here’s a sample from Misuses:

The Tempest


To whosoever’s body
walks in circles,
the safety of us all is the stairchild of our loss.


Just say your human speech in a slanted pool
till the doctor’s fired, or morphine
attenuates the argument.


In Golfe-Juan
all observable teeth are extracted
and placed on a blue dish by Picasso.


There’s mama in a Russian play
in a harness of bricks
to speak as the scenery.


Land and sea and
a shrunken moon over the story,
including this instant.

  1. Les, Thanks for sending! Glad to see that you’re continuing to cast doubt on whether we live in the “real” world. In China, near Great Wall, I saw a sign in the men’s room above the urinals: Please Stand Close to the Center of Civilization. Alan

  2. Les

    Many thanks to Megan Lehmer and Lisa Roth for making this web site possible.

  3. Gostei muito desse site!

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